Oilcap neutralises hydrocarbon spills, organic fats and greases by irreversibly converting them to a non-hazardous substance (organo silicate). It’s Specifically designed to neutralise toxic hydrocarbons, (oils, jet fuels, diesel etc.) to a non-hazardous, and irreversible state.

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TSW is the one product needed for all asbestos requirements including encapsulation.

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Acid Cap

Acid Cap, acid neutralizer. Acid Cap is the one product needed for neutralizing all acid spills.

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Spil Kits

Various Spill Kits available, from wheely bin to economy size.

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Grease Trap Reviver

M101 – Grease Trap Reviver Concentrate fully formulated Bio-Enzyme based grease trap treatment. M101 – Grease Trap Reviver is a microbial consortium that demonstrates superior enzyme performance for use in grease trap and drain line applications.

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M101 – P60

Maintains effective activity in septic systems by breaking down organics, eliminating the need for excessive pumping & it eliminates odours..

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We supply effective, safe, state of the art green cleaning solutions.


We provide a wide range of specialised products that will meet your needs from industrial to housekeeping.


client support
We provide onsite training, demonstration and instruction for all of our products.


Pineland Environmental Technology was started in July 1991 and supplies a wide range of pollution control products which will allow companies to minimize their environmental impact, maintain a safe and healthy working environment whilst ensuring they meet environmental legislation standards.

We offer state of the art environmental solutions in industries relating to hydrocarbon cleaning and remediation, green biological cleaning, waste management, septic tank and pit latrine remediation as well as a comprehensive range of state of the art cleaning products and materials.

Our head office is located in Cape Town but we do provide products and services throughout South Africa.


Our Services


Oil Spill Clean Ups

We have extensive knowledge and experience with regards to oil spill containment and cleaning. We are equipped to deal with small to medium sized hydrocarbon spills. This includes soil remediation and hard surface cleaning eg. roads, concrete, brick work etc.


Soil Remediation

We always strive to remediate contaminated soil on site rather than carting it away and dumping. This saves the client time and money whilst reducing the overall environmental impact.


Oil spill training

We provide onsite oil spill training and certification.


Consultation on the cleaning of asbestos roofing.

We can advise on the best and safest way to clean asbestos roofing whilst eliminating the risk of dangerous fibres becoming airborne as well as provide the necessary products for encapsulating and sealing the roof once the cleaning is complete.