Natural fibre absorbent that absorbs hydrocarbons. 1 kg absorbs approximately 8 litres of oil.

Envirosorb is loose natural fibre product that is harvested in South Africa from a renewable source. It’s hydrophobic which means it repels water and absorbs hydrocarbons. The advantage of this is it will absorb any hydrocarbon spill when applied and make it safer to handle. 1kg of Envirosorb will absorb approximately 8 litres of liquid.


Envirosorb is non-toxic, non-abrasive, biodegradable and is  self-regenerating in its natural state. When it is placed in a land fill, it does not change its chemical structure, and it does not release the absorbed hydrocarbons, as is the case with wood, paper, clay or cotton-based products.

Envirosorb can also be used in conjunction with Oilcap.
Used Envirosorb, containing absorbed hydrocarbons can be treated with Oilcap. Once this has been done the used Envirosorb can be used as a natural fertiliser or disposed of as general waste, thus reducing dumping fees.

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