Oilcap (Hydrocarbon Convertor)

Oilcap (Hydrocarbon Convertor)

Oilcap is an oil cleaning product that breaks oil, diesel, fats and greases down and leaves them inert. It can be used on all hard surfaces and for soil Remediation

Oilcap neutralises hydrocarbon spills, organic fats and greases by irreversibly converting them to a non-hazardous substance (organo silicate). It’s Specifically designed to neutralise toxic hydrocarbons, (oils, jet fuels, diesel etc.) to a non-hazardous, and irreversible state. This process is simple and fast leaving the converted hydrocarbons harmless and inert.

Oilcap is safe for use in environmentally sensitive areas and in areas of food preparation. Environmentally it’s a much safer option than detergents and solvents.

It can be used on roads, bricks, concrete, tiles, ship’s bilges steel structures and decks, above-ground and underground storage tanks, transformers, machinery and vehicles (including forklifts, vans and trucks). Oilcap is also very effective for remediating hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

Oilcap can also be used in conjunction with our natural fibre absorbent, Envirosorb.

Used Envirosorb, containing absorbed hydrocarbons can be treated with Oilcap. Once this has been done the used Envirosorb can be used as a natural fertiliser or disposed of as general waste, thus reducing dumping fees.

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